The Month of January| Monthly Bulletin | 2019 | House of Prayer

The Month of January| Monthly Bulletin | 2019 | House of Prayer

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Publish date Published on Thursday, 3 January 2019 08:00
The Month of January| Monthly Bulletin | 2019 | House of Prayer

From the Pastors Desk

Welcome to the month of January 2019

Happy New Year

House of Prayer

One of our mission statement is to be a house of prayer for people of all ethnicities, cultures, religious and social backgrounds. I believe God is calling his church to make this a reality. For this to come about we need to look at how we are spending our time and make prayer a priority.

Making prayer a priority is being mindful that even when we gather for corporate worship, God is present to listen to our prayer, the cry of our heart. We often allow ample time to sing, teach and preach but leave little time to pray. In everyday life, I hear people say, “life is busy with so much to do”. Believers are often caught up in this treadmill. The truth is, we are too busy not to pray. There is never enough time to do everything but there is always time to do the most important things. Prayer is as necessary to our spiritual growth and survival as air is to our natural body.

God is looking for people who are spiritually hungry and thirsty for his presence. Those who are longing to see the supernatural power of God manifest in their lives, family and community. In this season God is calling his church to a greater level of intimacy. Away from the daily grind and the things that keeps us earth bound, to establish through prayer his will and purpose in the earth.

So, let us seize this opportunity as we dedicate the month of January to prayer. We look forward to your participation in the week of Fasting and Prayer commencing 6th – 12th January as we build Jesus’ house of prayer for all nations.

Sis Marcelle Powell
Prayer Coordinator

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