The Month of March | Monthly Bulletin | 2019 | ‘The Man, The Message, The Mission’

The Month of March | Monthly Bulletin | 2019 | ‘The Man, The Message, The Mission’

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Publish date Published on Monday, 4 March 2019 20:49
The Month of March | Monthly Bulletin | 2019 | ‘The Man, The Message, The Mission’

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'The Man, The Message, The Mission’

As the pages of time have turned to a new month, how have they turned? And is the person they turned for the same person as they were at the start of the year, or even in previous years? We as people are always changing, evolving and developing. Perhaps some of the things

we desired and enjoyed in times past are no longer our preference; some of the activities we may have been involved in, our priorities, our plans and the people connected to our purpose may have shifted significantly as we consistently evaluate who we are, who we want to be, where we are coming from and where we are going.

Above all, our goal in our development, as children of God, should always be to become more and more like Jesus Christ. His character needs to become our character, His message needs to be our choicest communication and His mission needs to be our priority. This month, our new teaching series which launches on 17th March and will lead us up to Easter (and will be explored throughout our Sunday worship services as well as in Small Groups) is centred around the real reason for the season: Jesus. Entitled ‘The Man, The Message, The Mission’, this series will radically bring Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, Son of Man, Son of God, Lamb of God, Prophet, Priest and King to the fore. We will be exploring his personhood, his proclamation and his purpose.

We all need a fresh revelation of who Christ is. And this revelation cannot be static, or ‘once and for all’- we need to be conformed to His image day by day. We need to be enlightened by Him, we need to see Him and simultaneously see us and how far we reflect Him.

Ultimately, we need to ‘behold’ him, like John (St John 1:29). The word ‘behold’ here is an exclamation denoting surprise and, like John, I beseech you to open the eyes of your heart, distill any preconceptions, assumptions or misinterpretations of who Christ is and let the Man, His Message and His Mission through God’s Word intimately transform you so that you can transform others. 

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