The Month of October | Monthly Bulletin | 2019 |

The Month of October | Monthly Bulletin | 2019 |

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Published on Tuesday, 1 October 2019 21:34

We thank God for the commencement of our new ministry year and the challenging charge by our Bishop to be ‘Harvest Ready’. We are powerfully reminded that we have been called to make disciples and that we all have a part to play- what we do matters to God and matters to our community. 

This month, we are also celebrating Black History Month and we will be having our Healing Our Broken Village Conference (24/10), highlighting the way we work with our strategic borough partners to address mental health, particularly within the black community. They are part of the harvest and the harvest truly is ripe. Wherever Jesus went, he was harvest ready: ready to minister, ready to engage, ready to befriend, ready to protect and ready to love. He didn’t just speak about them- he engaged with them, met them right where they were and gave them exactly what they needed. 

The prophet Isaiah tells us in Isaiah 61:1-3 that a divine exchange happens when those who are empowered or anointed by the Holy Spirit reap and reach that harvest. The harvest are precious in God’s sight and, by God’s spirit, as a labourer, as a joint-heir with Christ, we can help them to exchange their ashes for beauty; their mourning for the oil of joy and the spirit of heaviness for the garment of praise. 

Ultimately, the Lord wants the harvest to be established as ‘trees of righteousness’. How will we help them on this journey of transformation? 

Pastor Andrew Wignal 

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