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The Month of March | Monthly Bulletin | 2020 |

The Month of March | Monthly Bulletin | 2020 |

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Publish date Published on Sunday, 1 March 2020 09:42
The Month of March | Monthly Bulletin | 2020 |

Welcome to the month of March

Lenten greetings to you. During this season, we will be meditating on the theme Covenant Keeper. A covenant is an agreement, a pact or a promise between two parties. When you genuinely make a promise, you make a serious commitment, one that you expect to be taken and relied on. You are also taking on yourself the duty or obligation to fulfil your pledged word when the time comes no matter how costly or inconvenient it may be to do so. What covenants have we entered into like this, that comes what may, we will uphold the pledges we made to each other? If we are honest with ourselves, we do struggle many times with upholding such commitment.

But in spite of our flaws, we are so privileged that the eternal God, creator of Heaven and earth and all human life, would desire to enter into a covenant with us, his creation, when we as a people miss the mark so many times. God promises that He will always be our God (Leviticus 26:12); all He wants is for us to be His people. This covenant reaches its totality when God sent His son Jesus to die for our sins, to regenerate us and give us eternal life. And this covenant cost Jesus His blood.

Ultimately, God’s covenant relationship with us is completely undeserved and does not come out of any need on God’s part; it is because of His amazing grace. Serving this God and committing to Him is a privilege and honour; we are blessed beyond measure. So thank Him, honour Him and love Him because He certainly first loved us.

Pastor Andrew Wignal

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