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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – NTA Tooting Plans (23/03/2020)

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – NTA Tooting Plans (23/03/2020)

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Publish date Published on Monday, 23 March 2020 19:00
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – NTA Tooting Plans (23/03/2020)

Update: Mon. 23-3-20 

Tuesday Midweek prayer 

Due to the evolving situation with the coronavirus and the appeal from the Government and the Emergency services we will NOT open the Sanctuary for prayer on Tuesday evenings for the foreseeable future, as hoped.  

As a church we place a high value on prayer and don’t want to lose our spiritual formation during the hiatus. So, our Prayer Coordinator, Sis Marcelle Powell is asking that we pray in our respective location on Tuesdays for an hour from 7pm-8pm 

Each week our members will receive two or three prayer points online to include in their prayer timeHere are some prayer points for Tuesday 24/3/20. 

  • Coping with isolation.  

Pray for our members who live alone or in isolation due to the coronavirus. Overcoming fear and anxiety. Healing for pre-existing medical conditions.    

  • School Children  

Families coping with children at home. Children whose parents work in health and emergency services. Children and young people who might be fearful about their educational future. 

  • NHS staff, Doctors, emergency services. 

The safety of those treating infected patients. Medical supplies and other resources. Families of medical and frontline service personnel.        

Sundays Services 

We have received very positive comments and feedback for our Mother’s Day broadcast. This was our first broadcast since closing to the public and we have had in excess of 1.2K views on YouTube (as of the time of writing). 

We are keen to hear as many feedback from our members to help us improve this service which will be a vital connecting point for our congregation in the foreseeable future. Please send your comments to info@ntatooting.org.uk