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Sunday Sermon Enlarge God In Your Storm with Rev Denise Peters

Sunday Sermon Enlarge God In Your Storm with Rev Denise Peters

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Publish date Published on Saturday, 2 May 2020 11:30
Sunday Sermon Enlarge God In Your Storm with Rev Denise Peters

Sermon Title: Enlarge God In Your Storm 

Scripture -Job 23:1-10


  1. God is supreme in your storm - God answered Job but did not give a reason for his suffering, instead reminded Job who He Is (the creator & sustainer of the heavens and earth). God sees the before, during and after of your storms and He is still God, so Enlarge Him when u r in your storm.
  2. God showed Job his reflection – He became aware of his self-righteousness, self-vindication and self wisdom). We can be blind to how God sees us.
  3. Job was to come out stronger – he went through his suffering, repented, prayed for his friends. God accepted Job and restored to him twice as much as he had before. He came out more blessed than he went in.


Job suffering is not punishment. Not a sign of God's anger. Job's pain is not the pain of the executioner's whip but the pain of the surgeon's scalpel. Many are going through a similar experience at the moment.

For others God is allowing us in this period of isolation to Rest, Reflect, Review and get Ready. To reflect on our relationship with him, how we serve him, how we pray, how we worship him. A time to take the focus from ourselves, to focus back on God.

Sometimes we go through some storms that hit unexpectedly, (they make no sense. COVID-19 is the present storm enlarged everywhere in the world.

We may even go to God with a list like Job and say this is what you said, this is what I have done, so why am I going through all this.

God wants us to understand that it is not always about the things we do, but the position of God in our lives consistently (inside and out). He was silent but was with Job right through His storm.

Eph 2:8-9 states “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast”.

As you and I, and the world goes through the Storm of COVID-19, the question is How are you ENLARGING GOD IN OUR STORM.