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Our Vision is to:

  • To become a house of prayer for people of all ethnicities, cultures, religious and social backgrounds united as one in Christ.
  • To fill every empty, seat with a significant percentage of people drawn primarily from the immediate surroundings.
  • To hold multiple weekly services, where dynamic worship, passionate praying and empowering teaching takes place; And where the Kingdom of God comes in power accompanied by supernatural signs and wonders.
  • A healthily growing church, maturing spiritually and multiplying through small groups.
  • A church where every single member is valued, equipped and operating according to their gifts.
  • To provide a safe place where hurting, vulnerable and disaffected individuals and families come and experience healing and genuine community.
  • A church that is economically strong and more than able to meet the financial demands arising through its Mission and Ministry.
  • To raise a standard of ministry excellence that would serve as example and a resource to the wider NTA family and the Body of Christ.