Missions & Community Outreach

When a church is built it should mean more to the neighbourhing community than just another landmark. Over the years churches have been reduced to buildings, but we at NTA Tooting believe that the job is much bigger than meeting within the walls of the church building. The job is to impact the world and there is no better place to start than within the community.

We reach out by letting people know that there is hope for every circumstance:

We are constantly seeking ways to increase our capacity to engage with issues of concern in our community as well as opportunities to add value to the areas where things are working well. Please follow the Community Impact link for more information.


Tooting Neighbourhood Centre



Since 1984, Tooting Neighbourhood Centre has been responding to local needs.
The Centre was created to improve the quality of life and independence of isolated elderly people. It has since broadened its work to include mental health and youth work. Please follow the link www.nta-tnc.co.uk for further information.



In-Touch Groups

These are home-based fellowship groups in your local area. These groups meet in a designated home close to you and fellowship with each other on a regular basis.

Please call now on 0208 6729416 to find one close to you.